Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm Bored

It has been 3 weeks since my double sports hernia repair. I am going to see the surgeon in 3 days to hopefully get the green light to resume training. This will be the longest time without training for me in the last 21 years. I feel pretty good but I am waiting for the doctor to give me the ok to get back at it. I didn't wait long enough in the past and I don't want to make the same mistake again. I plan to start slow with some easy Computrainer rides over the next two weeks and then get into some running, cross country skiing and swimming. I recently received some photos from the Hawaii Ironman (finally) and thought I would share them with you. While we are in the early stages of our winter  at home these pics take me back to the beautiful weather in Kona.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Off Season Surgery

Two weeks ago I had some long awaited and much needed surgery. Not a life saving sergery. It was a bi-lateral sports hernia repair. For those who may not know what a sports hernia is, it is a weakening or tear in the abdominal wall. I originally had a hernia repair back in 1988 and everything was fine until early 2007 when the problem returned on the left side again. I had it repaired in November of 2007. With 2008 being a Paralympic year I think I was a little anxious to get back to my training and went to a training camp in Victoria in December. At the camp we were doing rides that were a minimum of 3-4 hours and as much as 6-7 hours per day. A little too much, a little too soon and I tore it again in early 2008. Being a Paralympic year there was no way I could afford to have the sports hernia repair done in 2008 and qualify for Beijing so I raced through the year. Just prior to the Paralympic Games I tore the right side but raced through the injury. Having aspirations to make the 2010 Winter Paralympics in cross country skiing I put off the surgery again. It was a stretch to think I could become good enough cross country skier, fast enough to make the cross country team. By February I had given up on the thought of making the cross country team but now we were into prime early season cycle training, and again could not afford to take the time off for surgery and rehab. I raced the whole year with the double sports hernia and finally when the season ended in November I had the surgery. Now I am 10 days into recovery and feeling better each day. I am being patient this time and waiting the appropriate time before I return to training. I should be able to return to light training in the middle of December. At my age I feel I can't afford to sit around and miss training for very long.