Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Day Before

It's a Friday, the day before the 2009 Ford Ironman World Championships. There are people all over town getting their last training runs in or just trying to relieve the nervous tension before the big race. The streets are crowded with competitors, conspicuos by their shaved legs and extremely low body fat. There are lots of people working feverously to prepare the start/finish for tomorrow and you don't see how they can complete it on time but you know that somehow they will, after they seem to get it done every other year; Why should this year be any different. Today has been far more hectic than I would like it to be. Too much walking, too much time in the sun. A lot of last minte issues. I am not sure I am mentally ready for this race and being ready mentally is so much a part of Ironman. But I am here now and ready to make the best of it. The Ironman will NOT wait for me to get my head into it.

Friday morning at the pier with the transition in the background.

A look at te set up for the start/finish from the pier

Entrance to the Ironman Demo Expo which featured a number of swim, bike and run equipment manufacturers.

At the Expo you could try out a number of bikes including Cervello,Ceepo, Quintana Roo along with Zipp wheels and all kind of pedal systems.

You could try out several kinds of speedsuits as well as the Fast Lane system which creates a current in your pool which you swim against for a swim workout at home.

Myself and Ironman legend Dave Scott. Dave is a 6 time winner of the Hawaii Ironman. At 55, Dave had planned to compete this year but was hit by a car earlier this year and was unable to race, hopefully next year.

The end of another day in paradise, or as I see it, the calm before the "storm"

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