Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kona Days 3 & 4

Training has been going well. Nothing special to report. Swimming in Kailua Bay each morning, riding the Queen K and running on Alii Drive. Here are a few photos

A shot of the lava fields that flank the Queen K highway where most of the bike ride takes place as well as part of the run.

The famous Banyon tree outside the King K Hotel at the start/finish.

Our new custom carbon tandem by Calfee Design. This is the best tandem I have ever ridden. Very fast. We were easily cruising at 45 km/h today.

This is the pier where the race starts and hundreds of Ironmen come each morning for their daily swim.


  1. Wow dude... that bike looks SO sweet!

    Don't tire yourself out with all the biking and especially running... it must be hard to resist riding a brand new bike!


  2. Hi,
    Wow geat pics and post. Good luck tomorrow GUYS...we will be following you all day. Lets BEAT that Bike record! Go get em!!!
    We are all very proud of you. Love ya Marlene :) Say hi to Sean!! :)

  3. Wow great pics and post!! GOOD LUCK tomorrow! I know you will do well. Lets beat that Bike record!! We will be following you all day tomorrow. GO GET EM!!!!!!!!!We are sooo proud of you!
    Say hi to Sean.
    Love Marlene :)