Monday, November 8, 2010


In transition I was not sure I was going to be able to run. During the latter stages on the bike my knees were really hurting. I was also cramping but this is not unusual for me , it happens more often than not to me during Ironman races. We shuffled out of transition and to my amazement my legs started to feel pretty good. What a relief ! Our plan was to run from aid station to aid station, approxiamatly 1 mile apart.We agreed that whoever was feeling the worst would set the pace. Run when we could ,walk when we had to. This strategy worked out great and we were in great spirits the whole marathon. Nuch credit to Meyrickfor gutting it out after spending the night in the hospital 4 days earlier.
It was an awesome experience. There were some tough times for both of us during the run but our support for each other, teamwork, made it happen and it was FUN ! Admitadly neither of us was properly prepared for an Ironman for various reasons ( Meyrick's new business and maybe I took it for granted. How foolish). Never again. Next year we are both going to be 100% ready.

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