Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lifesport Coaching

Training for an olympic distance triathlon without proper coaching can be a difficult task even for someone with years of experience in the sport. Training for an Ironman can be that much more daunting. I am quite confident that with 20+ years in the sport I could put together a training program that would get me through an Ironman in a respectable time but Meyrick and I are not looking for omly "respectable". We are hoping to go fast. To that end we will be working with Lifesport Coaching to achieve that goal for 2011. Lifesport is one of the top coaching systems in the sport. Lifesport was the official coaches of Ironman and have names such as Olympic gold medalist Simon Whitfield on their resume. Meyrick and I are really excited and motivated to work with Lifesport.

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