Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Training Camp in Portugal

Finally something in my sporting life worth blogging about. The Canadian National Paracycling Track team is in Sanghallos, Portugal for a 2 week training camp prior to the UCI Paracycling Track World Championships. We are staying at a fabulous new facility here which consists of a 250 meter wooden track and an attached athlete residence. The team currently consists of 13 athletes and a head coach, an assistant coach and a physio. It will grow by 3 when we move to Montichiari, Italy . There will be a doctor , a team manager and a mechanic added. The weather here is not as warm as I had thought it would be. Today is cloudy , threating rain and about 15 degrees celcius. All in all things are going well. Facilities are awesome, food is good and we begin serious training tomorrow. I am here with a replacement pilot, Luc Dionne, from Quebec. My rebular pilot, Devon was unable to attend because of personal reasons at home. Luc is an experienced pilot and a super nice guy but this is our first time riding together. Our first time on the track yesterday went well all be it an easy recovery ride after travel. Tomorrow we will do some serious efforts and we will kmow more then.

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