Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Swim

The swim was extremely challenging. Besides the fact that you start the 3.8 km swim with over 2700 other competitors , this time I did it tethered to another swimmer. I had never done an Ironman tethered before. We had tried it the week before at Nationals, an Olympic distance race. At Nationals there was a para triathlete wave but there were only 4 swimmers with us. Now we were getting into the water with over 2700 others. As you might imagine we had problems with other swimmers getting between us and becoming tangled in the tether. The first few minutes of the swim were tough, trying to maintain my position directly behind Meyrick. However as the swim progressed we were able to find more open water on the outside and things began to get better and we were able to get into a rythym. Our time was not bad, 1 hour 16 minutes. Our whole thing about doing this race was to do everthing ourselves. Normally when Meyrick races alone he has a "handler" who would meet him at the end of0 the swim with his prosthetic and help him out of the water but this is where our team work came in and I helped Meyrick into transition.

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  1. Hi Brian,

    I was at the IM Canada 2010 watching friends and family do the race. When the two of you came out of the water tethered together I only saw possibilities and not disabilities. I am new to triathlons and have been inspired by your combined efforts in a profound way. You and Meyrick kicked butt like no individual could. Your combined efforts have a multiplying effect far beyond yourselves.

    I recently gave a workshop that deals with living up to your true potential and shared what I saw when the two of you came out of the water. Your example helped me to prove a point, never assume what is or is not possible. It is in our actions, never in our inaction that proves what is possible.

    All the best in your endeavorers,
    Mark Ribkoff